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User Guide

Welcome to!

What is is a web based application that allows users to create, animate and render 3D content on any compatible device. It is created by Exocortex and their collaborators who are known for their creative plugins for Softimage, Maya and 3ds Max. With this application there is no need to download anything to your device. Users have access to many features including creating and animating objects through the web. automatically saves all scenes changes to the server. Thus, the lastest version is always available from any device. Advanced versioning features allow any scene revision to be accessed. is available from any WebGL enabled browser. To check if your browser is qualified, visit You should see a spinning cube. It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to get the best experience. is not currently supported on Internet Explorer.

Getting Started

This user guide describes the basic tools and knowledge needed to get you started. You will learn about the layout of the user interface and the tools used to animate your scenes. This user guide also covers the plugin system which allows you to customize the application to your needs.

This user guide is recommended for those using for the first time. For plugin development, it is also recommended that you have a prior knowledge of JavaScript as it is the language used for the plugins.

Style Guide in this Document

This user guide explains new information in a few different ways.

  • Italicized words are words that have a further explanation in the Glossary section

  • Bolded words are labels that are found in the application

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