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spoopy head

spoopy head

Room 41 wasn't really a room where people would go. stuff was just thrown in there from time to time and from what I could see it was a small room. I probably should have mentioned this but I was a security guard at the hotel. One night I was looking through the cameras, making sure nothing was too off. I believe it was around 9 when I saw something...interesting. it was on cam 12, room 41. The room (as you can see in this recreation) is pretty tall. If ladders didn't exist I wouldn't know how the camera was installed. Anyway, at the lower half of the screen I saw a man. he was bald, he had blank eyes. I don't mean he stared blankly I mean he literally had blank eyes. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have any weapons on me. He was in a room full of things he could use against me. I stared at the screen, he stared back. At some point I feel asleep and when I woke up it was around 7 or 9 in the morning. everything seemed normal so far. Nothing was on the cameras and no said anything about anyone being strange or hearing anything weird, so either I was drunk enough to hallucinate or what I saw was real. Of course it could have also been a camera glitch. Who knows, that was on camera. Going back to the morning-ish after. I was just walking around like I usually do. I mean I'd usually leave my shift at 10 pm but besides that the morning was pretty normal. I decided to peak into 41 to see if the man was still there and to my surprise he was. I cracked the door open and just saw him in a distant corner, staring. Shortly after I closed the door. I only got the color of his shirt (you'll see that in the recreation as well) and I don't remember the color of his pants, hell I don't even remember if he had legs. But, I'm gonna quit this week. This week is my last shift. Wish me luck.


I hope you're ok. Also can I make an animation of this?